There are tons of programs out there for webmasters to make a lot of money.

Trouble is, most don't work; or only work if you get thousands of hits per day. One of the best methods to make money, is to join one of the click through programs, that typically have a wide range of advertisers, willing to pay for your traffic. You can almost always find multiple opportunities of companies looking for your exact type of visitor. The best, are:

COMMISSION JUNCTION  - One of the largest selections out there! You can't go wrong signing up here.

SHARE A SALE - The name pretty much tells about what they do. If your customer continues on to an advertised site, you get to "Share the Sale"

LINK SHARE  - Another large collection of merchants to chose from, all categorized for you

clickXchange - clickXchange.com, is a leading affiliate marketing solution provider. Web publishers maximize their revenue and site content providing advertisers with traffic, leads and sales. Currently 6 commission structures supported.

There are many pay per click search engines popping up ready to pay you a percentage. Most are good, some real slow, some outright scams. Here is one good one (there are more I will add).

Pays by paypal, NO minimum!

KwikMed.com is the web's leader in prescription drugs. You can get your own web business in one of the most lucrative markets on the web, in less than 5 minutes, and absolutely free. Click on KwikMed, or type your email here and I will send you my own report "MAKE MONEY ON THE WEB, WHILE YOU SLEEP".

Click Cash  - This has its own section. They don't have hundreds of click through opportunities like the ones above, (they center on video chat in many different categories), but BOY DO THEY PAY! You get 50 bucks JUST TO SIGN UP!!!! Then they pay from $20 to $60 PER SIGNUP (depending on how many people you convert in a week). You can give specific links for chats in your particular area; like dating, astrology, etc.

Dating Services:
There are numerous choices out there in this most profitable segment of online income opportunities, but these are the ones that I've found that offer good conversion, and PAY WELL.

Dating Tech Network - This is a 'partner program' as opposed to an affiliate program. If you own several domains, and aren't afraid to get more, this opportunity is a goldmine. You actually register a new domain name, or use one of your current, and enter their nameservers into your domain records. You then customize the site, which is entirely hosted on their servers, and you collect a LARGE bounty. Although it is your own site, at your own domain, the database is connected to all their other 'partners', giving you a HUGE online presence.

Probably the best dating affiliate program out there, that pays great money, sign up for ONE AND ONLY DATING SERVICES. You get a LARGE payout, real-time stats, and good conversion. They also keep paying when your customers renew. HUGE database.

Megafriends - They earn the title 'mega' because of the database they have, and the checks they send out. They keep on paying when your customers renew; unlike some who just pay for the first one.

I have been through several gambling sites, (who hasn't), never getting what was promised. Also, most only pay you on your customer's first visit. These guys pay up to 50% of the net profit, and you KEEP the customer for life! Big dollars here for anyone with traffic. Silver Vegas.