What a concept. Get paid while you are on the web. If you are here, chances are you use the internet, and you might as well be getting paid to do it. It may not be a lot, (although it could*) but if it pays for your connection, (or a case of good beer!), why not?

None of these guys ask you a million personal questions, and none of them (so far - I'll let you know if they do!) send all kinds of junk email. All they do is have you run an ad bar while you are on the internet. Both IE and Netscape allow you to run the bar at the top of the screen, so it doesnt affect your window size at all - and you still have access to your buttons! Really, its a no-brainer!

This category has shrunk down dramatically. After a huge glut on the market, many of the companies went belly up. In a lot of cases, the users never got paid (like myself). But, I made enough money from the good ones, even the ones that are no longer in business, that it was all worthwhile.

*If you DO want to make lots of money from this, sign your friends up under you. Then you not only get paid while you are on the web, but while they are also! Most of these sites have a referral calculator to show you just how much you can make, and it really can grow sizable. Also, it has no affect on those signing up under you (they still get the exact same amount when they sign up as your referral), so they have no reason not to give you the referral points.

One of the earlier ones, and STILL going! Up to 70 cents / hour!

We're down to just a few actually operating and paying! Use them ALL!

A relative newcomer. They do paid to surf and paid email. Slow website, but good earnings!