Get Paid To Read Email*

You get all sorts of junk in your mail anyway, why not get paid for it? You either get a piece of email you're interested in, or you simply hit your delete button after visiting site. We all do that all the time now already, so why not?? (more info)

Sites are more or less ordered as to how much you might make (although this changes constantly, most of those towards the top will pay much more than those at the bottom).

New Scam alert - Mec-co-op-paidmail - STAY AWAY!! Changes rules more often than most people change their underwear, now deletes accounts that go 2 weeks without clicking (as if to click on a link for less than a penny - or about 60 cents/hour is something high on your list of priorities. All other sites are 30 days plus. She basically steals from you, as you don't get your money, or your dowline. Also server is down a LOT. Don't get sucked in!!

Visit to find programs that pay your computer to autosurf!

Highly Recommended

This is FAR and AWAY the BEST paying site you will find. They pay TWENTY FOUR(!!) cents per mail, if you return their form, or .08 if all you do is click. If you only want one site, do not miss this one, no one even comes close. Not a lot of emails, so you don't waste time clicking for nothing. If you have ANY other GPTR sites in your stable, make sure you add this one. Unparalleled! Also, one of the first in the business.



These guys are veterans at this. They have decent payouts on both your and your referral payouts (one level). They have a $10 min payout, and they pay by check. NO TIMERS! NO cheesy BS you get from the small sites. Great website (not a cookie cutter), even send you updates on your earnings and downline. They will not disappear when their members hit payout levels like many do. Moderate to ghigh amount of mail.

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Opt in pays sends emails with various links. Some have solid dots next to them, meaning you get paid, some have hollow dots, meaning the paid links have (probably) expired. They send a moderate amount of mail. They are recommended, because at the end of each month, they PAY you (via e-gold)! Even if you have earned very little, at least you actually see the money!

Opt In Pays


Pennies by Email pays on 5 levels of referrals. They pay by paypal or check, and have a $5 minimum payout. They also have a paid to click section. Links bring you straight to target site, and there is a 20-30 second wait time. Pay is usually 1 cent or point(s). Moderate amount of mail.

Pennies by Email


Mail for cash pays on 4 levels of referrals, and has only a $10 minimum payout. There is no fee to be paid by paypal, but there is a fee to receive a check. They send both cash and point emails. Good paying emails (many .05 not unusual)! You have to enter you login on their site first, than a medium wait at target site. Moderate amount of mail.

Mail for Cash


Key Email pays on 3 levels of referrals. They pay by paypal at no fee, and check. They have a $10 minimum, and include a decent pay to click section. Clicks bring you straight to target site, and there is a 20-30 second wait. 3/4 to 1 cent mails typical. Moderate amount of mail.

Key Email


Letter Wealth pays on 10 levels, will pay by paypal or check (no fee on paypal), and lets you go click on all the old ones you may have missed. Clicks bring you to their site to log in every time. Links pay .25 - 1 cent (many 1 cent), and there is no wait once you log in and press 'visit'. When you first sign up you can get a big jump by clicking on a whole bunch of past clicks! Paid to click section, sometimes empty. The only downside is tons of pop-ups when you navigate their site.

Letter Wealth


One Cent Mail offers a decent payout on you, and one referral level. They have only a $2 minimum payout, and pay by paypal or check (no fee on paypal). Also a paid to click section. Moderate to low amount of mail.

One Cent Email


Tomb Mailer pays on 5 referral levels, with only a $7 minimum. The site has no pop-ups (of course the advertisers do). They pay by paypal. Paid to click section. Clicks bring you straight to the target site. 1/2 - 1 cent mails (typical) Nice short 5-10 second wait (mostly 5). Lots of mail. .

Tomb Mailer

We Paid has only a $4 minimum payout. They also pay to set a homepage. They pay on 4 levels of referrals, and pay with paypal. Click brings you to their site, but your info is already there, requiring just clicking a button. Wait time 20 seconds.

We Paid

Smart E Mails pays on 10 levels of referrals, pays by paypal with a $5 minimum. They have paid links, and pay cash and points. Most links bring you straight to target site (some require log in to their site). Low pay per click (.1-.7, mostly the low end), but they have multi links per mail, and send lots of mail. Long 30 second wait average.

Smart E Mails

Email is Money pays down to 5 levels of referrals, all at 10%! They have decent paid to click links on site, and will pay by paypal on a $10 minimum. Click brings you straight to target site. 20 second wait time, average 1 cent mails. Moderate to low amount of mail.

Email is Money

Paid with Email has a relatively high (for my list) $25 minimum payout, but offer a $5 signup bonus. They claim 2 cent emails, and pay 1 cent for 2 levels. They pay by paypal or check. Low amount of mail.

Paid with Email

24 7 Wealth pays on 10 levels of referrals, pays by paypal or check (no fee paypal), has a $10 minimum, and a smallish paid to click section. Link brings you straight to target site, then a 20-30 second wait. Typical pay of 1/2 - 1 cent. Moderate to low amount of mail.

24 7 Wealth

Cash 4 Hits pays on 6 levels, has a $1 min for paypal, with no fee, and a  $13 check min. They also have a paid to click page; and pay both cash and points. Most links are straight thru, although some you still have to log in to page. Normal wait on page is 10-15 seconds. They had some money problems, and are reportedly slow at paying, but are trying to catch up. Currently only seem to be able to buy ads instead of getting money. Lots of emails.

Cash 4 Hits

Zaraditenovac sends you TONS of links to click on. It really is more of a paid to click program, than paid to read. The downside is the payment per click is low. Each email contains MANY links (24 typical), and you get them OFTEN! You don't have to sit on the site for x amount of seconds like many others, too. AND, 1000 levels of referrals! Finally, a real low FIVE DOLLAR MINIMUM.


Emails For Money pays on 2 levels of referrals. They pay by check or paypal, and paypal only has a $1 min, with no fee. They have a forum on the site also. Very low amount of mail.

Emails for Money pays out on 5 levels of referrals, will pay by paypal or check, has a $10 min by paypal with no fee. They pay points and cash; and also offer paid to click links. Click brings you right to target site. Wait 10-20 seconds, mostly point mails. Cash mails typically .5 cent. Decent to low amount of mail.

Email Pays U. They give you a $10 bonus just to sign up! Than its .02 per email, and .01 for your referral emails, on 2 levels (similar structure for point emails). They payout by check on a $30 minimum. Also have a paid to click section. The clicks go straight to the target advertiser, and the wait is medium, as is the amount of mail.

Email Pays U

Net Cash Depot pays on 10 levels, pays by paypal/check, and has a $10 minimum payout level. Clicks bring you to their site, where you have to manually enter your account. Most have no wait once you get there. Decent amount of mail, very low pay per click, starting around .05 of a cent! Fair amount of annoying pop-ups.

Net Cash Depot

Cash Money Email pays .02 for your emails and .01 for your referrals. Currently giving a $10 bonus just for signing up! They pay by check, or paypal. They pay on a high minimum balance of $50. Also has a page with paid click throughs, visit once per day and click all 6 (of course with your paid to surf bars running).

Cash Money Email

Cash 4 Reading pays on 5 levels, and has a $10 minimum payout. They pay by paypal. They have a weekly recap email, which is handy.

Cash 4 Reading

Publifacil is more of a MLM matrix thing. They pay .6 cents per mail, and pay on 7 levels. If you refer just 8 people (or more), you could be on your way to a big payday. They have a $25 minimum payout, and will pay by paypal. Read the website for details (although it is a little complicated and over-acheiving), but if you think you can generate referrals (or have a website), this is worth a try.


Emails for cash pays for 4 referral levels, an amazing $1 min payout for paypal (or $7 for a check). They also have some paid to click links on the site. Clicks bring you straight to site, with a 15 - 20 second wait requirement. .2 - 1/2 cent pay typical. Moderate amount of mail.

Emails for Cash

Get Paid Watch pay on 5 referral levels. They pay by paypal, when your account reaches a minimum of $5 (or even less with a small service charge). Click brings you to their site, where you have to manually log in (on first click). After that you go straight to site. 15 second wait, 1/2 cent average.

Get Paid Watch

Web 4 Surfer pays on referrals to 5 levels, pays by paypal, and has a $10 minimum. Email pay is .2 - 3 cents, link brings you directly to site. 15-20 second wait. Moderate to low amount of mail.

Web 4 Surfer

One Dollar Email pays around a penny per email, give or take. They pay on 2 levels (good payment), with a $17 minimum payout. Also has a decent paid to click section. Low amount of mail.

One Dollar Email

Super Cash Email pays you a dollar to join, pays on 3 levels of referrals, and has a $15 minimum payout. They pay by paypal.

Super Cash Email

Hits for pay also gives you a $10 bonus just to sign up! Then they pay .02 per email, and .01 for your referrals, down to 2 levels. They have a $25 minimum payout. Nice fast site.

Hits 4 Pay

Ad Click Mail pays on 5 levels of referrals, has a paid to click section (sometimes empty), pays by paypal or check, and has a $5 minimum payout. Low amount of mail

Ad Click Mail

Get Rich by Email pays on 6 referral levels. They only have a $1 min payout on paypal, and a $13 check min. There is no fee for the paypal payout. Click brings you straight to the site, mostly point or 1/2 cent links, 5-10 sec typical wait time. Moderate to low amount of mail.

Get Rich by Email

AVA Mail has a decent mail payout. They pay by check on an account minimum of $22, with a $2 fee. They pay on 1 level of referrals. Low amount of mail.

AVA Mail

Ouah! pays decently per email, and pays on 4 levels of referrals. They have a minimum payout of $15.24, and pay by check. Low amount of mail.


You get 7 cents for your emails, and 1 cent for your referral's. They also have a paid to click page which pays 3 cents each for clicking on the banner and visiting the website, as well as the paid to sign up page. This all is VERY high, but the downside is they don't pay cash, but instead let you cash out in a variety of merchandise. Hey, it's free!

E-World Genie

Earning Force pays cash and points, but the points get converted to cash anyway. They pay on 3 levels, with a $30 minimum payout. Hardly any paid emails, lots of paid to sign up.

Earning Force

They pay .03 for your emails, and .01 for your referrals, to 4 levels! (give or take). They have a steep $100 min payout, so unless you sign up for their (numerous) paid to join type programs, or shopping networks, it is not worthwhile (just for the email). Very low amount of mail. They pay by check.


Free Mail Cash deleted my account, and therefore earnings, for no reason, and with no notification. I get the feeling I'm not the only one, stay away!

Free Mail Cash

Site sold, new owner NOT honoring your earnings. Any site owner that thinks it is OK to not pay you will just do it again once they get enough to sleaze out of the business the way they entered into it. STAY AWAY!

Paid Biz Op Mail

10-23-02 Another one bites the dust. They are disappearing without paying - like many others above will eventually..!

Bust Your Gut

8-11-02 - site is currently up for sale, who knows what will happen..

8-19, site sold... Still sending mails, and no wait period. New owners apparently just got rid of old accounts, and their earnings. These will just do it again.

Wish for Money

9/6/02 Looks like a scam site. When they 'deleted' my account, I had only been a member for about 2 weeks, so they can't even pretend to claim I was inactive for a month. I have sent 3 letters to them to get it straightened out, but they do not reply. They do keep spamming my inbox, but I can't get credit for anything they send because it doesn't accept my account. I always wonder why they keep sending mail if they don't think you have an account; but of course that's what spam is all about! Stay away from this one!

10-3-02 Owner has decided to shut down site within 6 months. Transferring all members earnings to her other site, mec-co-op. At least that is fair, but at this point there would be no reason to sign up for this one.

Copper Coins

8-21-02 currently for sale. We'll see..

9-7-02 Site sold. New owner decided to reset all members earnings to $0. How thoughtful. With concern for his customer base like that right at the start, this is another to just stay away from!

Click 4

We keep you from the sites that have WAY to many pop-ups (although I feel that 1 is too many), and the sites that are SO slow, because when you are making the kind of money that these guys are talking about, you are NOT going to wait for some penny ante web server to get around to your request. Unless you can just click and earn your cash, it won't make it here.

Also, if we say something is recommended, it is because they pay and usually pay well per email. We won't recommend the ones who bother you with .1 cent emails, have super slow sites, or tons of pop-ups. We also don't recommend ones because they pay a bounty for a referral, unless they also pay well for mail.

While there are literally thousands of these programs (yes there are!), MANY are scams. If they pay a tenth of a penny per mail, yet have a $250 minimum payout, do you think they even are going to pay you? Even if they have a $50 signup bonus? How bout the ones that give you a huge signup bonus, than a large (maybe $20) per referral, but when you look at the fine print, you find they only pay the referral fee once THEY get paid. And they get paid after they reach $250, and they can' include their signup bonuses. And they get about a tenth of a penny for an email. So, after about 2,785 years, you might be eligible to be paid. Just read some of the terms, there are more of these than you could ever imagine. And, they actually get people to sign up! They get paid from the advertiser, and know they will never have to pay a single 'reader'. We sift through all those for you, and only present the ones with legitimate programs where you have a chance of getting paid. You can sign up for every one here, and you will eventually get paid, in YOUR lifetime, so long as they keep sending mails, and stay in business. Can we guarantee that? Of course not, and you can bet a bunch of these will be gone before they start making payments. But, if you sign up for plans with minimal payments, at least you won't waste much time with them. They'll either pay, or stop cluttering your inbox. And WE save you the time of searching the entire web for the thousands of programs that never plan to pay you RIGHT UP FRONT!!

* Program descriptions are accurate at time of inclusion. While I make every effort to keep the information up to date and accurate, I can not be responsible for changes in the individual programs. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you sign up to any site.

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